Special Machine Functions


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Don't let the looks fool you!

Ovation Engineering, Inc., working with Total Manufacturing Systems (TMS) of Litchfield, MI designed the logic for the machine shown here.

It may look like a CNC lathe, but it is actually a custom machine. We started with a standard Johnford CNC lathe but then added the TMS designed part fixturing system to replace the turret.

The part fixturing unit also incorporates a tool carrier (not shown in photo) that delivers a specially designed cutter into the part.


After delivery into the part, the tooling is "held on centers" from where the machine's chuck and tailstock were previously located.


This ingenious design bores and backfaces the workpiece.

Ovation Engineering designed and implemented the CNC modifications which operate the part and tool carrier system, part and tool clamping, and the auto doors, along with alarms and error checking.